About Us

We are an informational and networking group composed of interested patients, partners, caregivers, family and friends living in the greater Tri-State area surrounding metro Cincinnati. Our mission is to share knowledge and to provide an environment of hope for those facing the challenges of myeloma. We focus on encouraging one another to continue to embrace the positive moments and joyous aspects of our lives, and to not forget that humor can be a respite and a true health enhancer.

The Cincinnati Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group was started by Bill Jackson, who was a myeloma patient. The group has met monthly since January 2007 and continues to grow in membership as patients, family and friends become aware of its existence.

Bill started the support group because none existed in Cincinnati, and he had experienced the benefits of a support group in the Chicago area. Realizing that Multiple Myeloma represents less than 1% of cancers, there is a major need for patients, family members and friends to share information and learn more about the disease, its implications, complications and therapeutic treatment alternatives.

Knowledge is Power. The availability of information and sharing of experiences is comforting, especially to newly diagnosed patients. Discussions provide each of us with a deeper understanding of myeloma resulting in an increased ability to more effectively manage our health and our battle with this insidious disease.

Multiple Myeloma with all of its implications is the antithesis of fun, and the disease affects everyone in similar yet different ways. Meeting and talking with others who are willing to share similar experiences helps us all work our way through the many challenges until a cure is finally available.

You are always welcome to attend any of our monthly networking meetings.

For more information, contact:

Hugh and Marie Schaffer
Phone: (513) 289-6842
Email: hugh69marie@gmail.com

Mary Anne Brennan
Phone: (513) 871-3973
Email: maryanne_brennan@hotmail.com

Dr. Chris Meier
Phone: (513) 240-9195
Email: chris6@fuse.net